Dubai Atlantis Hotel


The Paradise Island Resort meant to capture the interests and imagination of its guests.


For ages, the legendary long-lost city of Atlantis (a legendary island which was first mentioned in Plato鈥檚 dialogues 鈥楾imaeus鈥 and 鈥楥ritias鈥 which were written about 360 BC) has captured the interest of so many people of all time and places. Several mystics and psychics have dwelt upon different versions regarding Atlantis City. Likewise, countless literary pieces in the form of books, magazines and web pages have emerged on the subject of underground civilization which has captivated many a people since Plato鈥檚 writings on it became viral. Moreover, a number of movies had been released on the same theme and were eagerly patronized by viewers.

Why so? Because the Atlantis legend has been truly kept ever alive and more enthralling by people鈥檚 creative imagination aligned with, perhaps, man鈥檚 fascination with the concept of a hidden and long-lost utopia, which may be every man鈥檚 conscious or subconscious dream of a perfect world; a perfect life

What else could have inspired the developers of the Five Star hotel Atlantis, The Palm, into coming up with the idea of creating an almost-perfect haven in Dubai? Not a difficult question to answer.

Obviously inspired by Plato鈥檚 written dialogues in the 360s BC and the remarkable impact it has left on the public for innumerable years, one wouldn鈥檛 find it hard to deduce that Atlantic The Palm, Dubai and its progenitor, Atlantis Paradise Island Resort (launched in 1998) in the Bahamas were designed to fulfill man鈥檚 quest for a seemingly perfect world; hence, the almost magical construction of two magnificent island resorts and hotels for the public.

South African hotel magnate Sol Kerzner and Kerzner International Limited, the developers of Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, are the same creators of Atlantis The Palm. From the success of Atlantis Paradise Island Resort which is a resort and water park built on Paradise island in the Bahamas, they have expanded towards the United Arab Emirates and had chosen Dubai鈥檚 man-made island, called the Palm (which has also caught the world鈥檚 attention and admiration owing to its magnificent scale, ingenuity and vastness) on which to build the spectacular Atlantic The Palm.

Indeed, the concept for the construction of the Paradise Island Resort and the subsequent Palm Hotel in Dubai originated from Sol Kerzner鈥檚 wistful thoughts to build a hotel and resort as inspired by the famous lost city of Atlantis. The Paradise Island Resort meant to capture the interests and imagination of its guests, and apparently, it has succeeded. It just goes to prove that man is generally searching to experience, if not totally achieve, a life that has much to offer in terms of comfort, enjoyment and enthrallment.