DUBAI is world famous for its dining scene and wide range of restaurants . Find the best places for breakfast, lunch or dinner at Discover Dubai.


DUBAI is world famous for its amazing dining scene. Find the best places for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dubai has a wide range of restaurants to offer; cuisines can be tasted from every country around the globe.

Dubai is without doubt the culinary capital of the Middle East. Not only is the sheer number of restaurants breathtaking, but the quality and elegance of the food in some establishments easily rivals (even outclasses) that of other modern cities. Not bad when you consider that the Emirati food consists mainly of stews cooked in vast quantities, and would be considered bland by many Western palates.

But something that really propels Dubai鈥檚 food scene is the multicultural melting pot of its population. Current figures estimate that nationals account for less than 10% of those living in the city, with the rest consisting of foreign workers. Whether people have landed here from India, Europe or America, they have not only helped build Dubai in terms of its infrastructure, but by bringing flavors and spices from home. Whether you want high-class French extravagance or a budget streetside curry, the restaurants here will deliver.

And with great culinary options come great chefs. The likes of Gordon Ramsay, Pierre Gagnaire, Richard Sandoval, and Nobu Matsuhisa have all set up restaurants in Dubai and brought with them rumors of possible Michelin Star ratings. Choosing the best restaurants here is no easy task, so we decided to do the legwork for you.


22nd February 2020


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