Dubai Currency


The local currency is the Emirati Dirham which is pegged to the US Dollar.


The monetary unit is the dirham (Dh or AED) which is divided into 100 fils and coins come in 5 fils, 10 fils, 25 fils, 50 fils and one dirham. Notes are issued in denominations of Dhs 5, Dhs 10, Dhs 20, Dhs 50, Dhs 100, Dhs 200, Dhs 500 and Dhs 1,000.The dirham is linked to the Special Drawing Right of the International Monetary Fund. It has been held constant against the US dollar since the end of 1980 at a mid-rate of approximately US$1= Dh3.67.


helpful-tips-image-web-design-sydney Always try to have a selection of smaller notes available for cheaper items, as it can be difficult getting change for a Dhs 500 or Dhs 1,000 note.




18th January 2020


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